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Cloudlog – log your sat QSOs

Cloudlog is a QSO logging software developed by Peter (@2M0SQL) installed “in the cloud” – on a web server – and used via a web interface. It is perfect for fast logging of satellite QSOs as Peter is a well known and experienced satellite operator.
This is a very short introduction of Cloudlog.


Cloudlog can be installed for free (do not forget a donation to Peter!) on your own web server or server host. The installation instructions are very easy to follow. If you do not like to install by yourself you can buy a purchased subscriptions.

Logging QSOs:

Logging can be done “Live” or “Post”. As I still using a pen for writing down my contacts, I use the Post QSO.

Cloudlog is fully prepared for all type of satellites. All settings are saved for the next QSO you would like to log, so if you are doing a lot of contacts over one satellite post-logging goes very fast.

Sync to LOTW

Syncing to LOTW can be done via script or manually. I’m using the manual sync and it is working perfect. You can also see if you get a confirmed LOTW contact in Cloudlog.

For more info please visit the following:



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