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New Chinese Space Station will get ham radio

Info from ANS-128:

The CSSARC is the Amateur Radio payload for Chinese Space Station, proposed by Chinese Radio Amateurs Club (CRAC), Aerospace System Engineering Research Institute of Shanghai (ASES) and Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT). The payload will provide resources for radio amateurs worldwide to make contacts with onboard astronauts or to communicate with each other.

The first phase of the payload is capable of providing the following functions utilizing the VHF/UHF amateur radio band:

  1. V/V or U/U crew voice;
  2. V/U or U/V FM repeater;
  3. V/V or U/U 1k2 AFSK digipeater;
  4. V/V or U/U SSTV or digital image.

The following frequencies have been coordinated:

  • V/V crew voice NFM 145.850, 145.985
  • U/U crew voice NFM 435.050, 436.510
  • V/U FM repeater NFM 145.875, 436.510
  • U/V FM repeater NFM 435.075, 145.985
  • V/V digipeater AFSK-FM 1200 145.825, 145.825
  • U/U digipeater AFSK-FM 1200 437.550, 437.550
  • V/V imaging SSTV-FM 145.850, 145.985
  • U/U imaging SSTV-FM 435.050, 436.510

A launch to the Chinese Space Station is planned for the third quarter of 2022 from Wenchang.

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AMSAT-SM 40 years – 7 May 2022

Today – 7 May 2022 – AMSAT-SM in Sweden celebrate 40 years as an organization and group. We started in the town Oskarshamn in 1982 and have continuously worked for information about amateur radio in space and trying to make the interest for ham radio satellites in Sweden getting larger.

In 2020 we did a huge change from organization status to a group status. The people behind AMSAT-SM today is Håkan SM7WSJ, Inge SM4JLX and Lars SM0TGU.

We hope to be active for many years to come!

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FO-29 Eclipsing – Operations Schedule May 2022


Info from ANS-121:
Regarding Fuji 3 (FO-29), we are currently in a situation where continuous operation is not possible as the satellite is eclipsing on every orbit and the condition of the batteries does not permit continuous operation. From now on, we will enter the eclipse period for about 3 months. It will be fully sunlit from August to next spring, so continuous operation will be possible.

This eclipse period is about 3 months, and the maximum eclipse percentage is about 20%.

The operation from the end of April to the end of May will from when the analog transponder is turned on until the transponder is turned off by UVC (undervoltage control).

[Scheduled time to turn on the analog transponder of Fuji 3 (UTC)]

1 09:55
7 09:45
8 08:45
14 10:18
21 09:10 22:00
22 09:55
27 23:28
28 09:35

[ANS thanks JARL for the above information]


INS-2TD telemetry 2022-04-19

Strong signal and many packets decoded and uploaded to @satnogs dB.
Software and hardware used:

  • RX at aprox 435.080 MHz Wide FM BW 10 kHz (Narrow FM did not work for me)
  • 2 x 13 el LFA X-Yagi (InnovAntenna) mostly vertical polarization
  • AlfaSpid RAS az/el rotor
  • LNA Mini-70 from SHF Elektronik
  • LMR-400 coax
  • Airspy Mini SDR
  • SDR-Console v3 with doppler correction of downlink and satellite tracking, rotor control
  • PstRotator for rotor control interface between SDR-Console and RAS controller
  • VB-Cable: virtual audio cable for piping audio from SDR Console to Soundmodem. Set to 96 kHz and 16 bit.
  • HS Soundmodem version INS-2TD v0.01b at 1200bd
  • GetKISS+ v 1.3.12 from DK3WN
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40-årstävling med fina priser

För att fira AMSAT-SM 40-år kör vi en quiz (tävling) med mycket fina priser! Nämligen följande:

  1. En 2.4 GHz Upconverter MK4 från DX-Patrol värde ca 1500 kr
  2. Portabel Yagi-antenn – den populära Arrow värde ca 1200 kr
  3. Ett presentkort från Limmared Radio & Data AB1000 kr

Stort tack till Limmared Radio & Data AB som är sponsor till tävlingen.

Vi har några enkla regler: för det första ska du vara medlem i AMSAT-SM, det är kostnadsfritt och du blir medlem här om du inte redan är det.

Sedan får du inte skicka in mer än ett (1) svar, skickar du in flera svar kommer det sista att gälla, övriga raderas.

Och ditt namn och e-post måste vara korrekt, annars kan vi inte kontakta dig vid eventuell vinst.

Sista dag att deltaga är den 7:e maj 2022. Lycka till!

Nu är tävlingen slut och vinnarna presenteras snart!

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PO-101 schedule 11-15/3 2022

Info from @Diwata2PH

PO-101 will be active for the following schedules in UTC + 0:

2022-03-11 – 2022-03-12
18:05 – 2:30

2022-03-12 – 2022-03-13
3:30 – 16:30
18:15 – 2:30

2022-03-13 – 2022-03-14
3:30 – 16:40
18:25 – 2:30

2022-03-14 – 2022-03-15
3:30 – 16:05

73 de DW4TA