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AMSAT-SM reaches 2000 followers on X

AMSAT-SM has reached over 2000 followers on X (Twitter) in Januari 2024. That make us the no 4 of all the AMSAT organisations.

Thank you all!

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New startpage for

Starting today we are testing a new startpage for The three most asked question now has large menu items (in Swedish).

It is “How to start listen”, “How to make first QSO” and “What satellites are QRV?”

Latest news posts can be found under these menu items.

Hopefully this can lead to more visitors find beginner information quicker.

Changes on Members news

AMSAT-SM Twitter (X) followers statistics Aug 2023

This is the Twitter (X) followers statistics for AMSAT-SM from 2018-01-01 to 2023-08-07. Before 2018 I can not find any stats…

Today (2023-08-07) AMSAT-SM has 1845 followers.

Some other AMSAT organisations (followers):

  • AMSAT-NA 21700
  • AMSAT-UK 12600
  • AMSAT-DL 5145
  • AMSAT-F 2019
  • AMSAT-EA 1475
  • AMSAT-HB 537
  • AMSAT-CT 211
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How to find articles on AMSAT-SM web

We have done some cleanup in the articles and posts on AMSAT-SM website. The “How to…”-articles and guidelines are now under three submenus:

Some articles can be found under more then one submenu, for example if it covers both “Beginners” and “SDR”.

In news categories you find news in different areas. Some of these posts can also be categorized as an article and also be found under “Articles and guides”.

We also use tags. Let’s say you read a post about IC-705. If you would like to read all posts about IC-705 then click on the tag at the bottom of the post.

Finally, you can of course search in all posts and articles.

Changes on Members news

AMSAT-SM unlocks all web pages

AMSAT-SM has decided to unlock all web pages for all visitors of
For many years we had have some pages only for registered members – as from now all of these pages are unlocked. For example you can now download all old issues of the newsletter AMSAT-SM Journal.

Changes on Members news

AMSAT-SM site language changes to english

During the last years more and more visitors to the AMSAT-SM website are from outside Sweden. So, we have decided to change the site language from swedish to english. This means:

  • WordPress main site language is now english
  • The menus are now in english or a combination of english and swedish
  • If a page is only in swedish, you can see a comment in the menu link xxxx (Swe) . For example see the image above.
  • In most of the main pages, you will now see a description in both swedish and english
  • Most of the new “How to…” posts are written only in english
  • The longer posts about “Getting started in amateur satellites” will only be in swedish, because there are a lot of good sites in english about this subject, for example from AMSAT-NA and AMSAT-UK