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Help decode Delfi-C3 DO-64 before re-entry

After more than 15 years in orbit the satellite Delfi-CE DO-64 is soon to re-entry. The Delfi team predict that re-entry will take place around November 16th 2023. For more info scroll down to see the full info.

All amateur radio operators / SWL’s / satellite enthusiasts worldwide are open to help listen and decode telemetry before the re-entry.

The old software RASCAL has been updated and now supports upload to the telemetry server at the Delfi team.


Follow these steps to install and start decoding:

  1. Download the latest version here (need Java v8):
    Note that the old version at Delfi-C3 website is not the correct one to use
  2. Run the software (just click on the JAR file)
  3. If you have an old account to the telemetry server, use it. Else let the guest account be as is. According to the Delfi team the IP address to the server is not important
  4. The telemetry downlink is at 145.870 MHz USB and is sending in 1200 BPSK. If found it a little below at aprox 145.865 MHz
  5. If you see the frequency “Sync” in the RASCAL software you will soon see telemetry sent to the server under the “Status messages”

As an alternative way of decoding the telemetry, you can use Soundmodem 1200 BPSK and GetKISS+ software for upload to SatNOGS database.

Also see @Marco_Langbroek on Twitter for a re-entry prediction:

The full re-entry info:

Wouter Weggelaar, PA3WEG, says, “We would like to request all amateur radio operators / SWL’s / satellite enthusiasts worldwide to listen for Delfi-C3’s telemetry downlink on 145.867 MHz, 1200 baud AX.25 BPSK. We will hand out an award certificate to the person submitting the last Delfi-C3 telemetry frame.”

This can be done either through the RASCAL software (updated version coming), through the SATNOGS network or by sending us decoded telemetry frames with reception time and location via email to

On behalf of the entire Delfi-C3 team, we would like to sincerely thank the worldwide amateur radio/SWL/satellite community for assisting the team by forwarding received telemetry and reception reports.

Delfi-C3 is a CubeSat satellite constructed by students at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. It is a 3U CubeSat launched on April 28, 2008. Wouter recalls, “Back in 2008 we could not imagine the great support received so far and the many first we had, including a successful ground network and flying the first linear transponder in a CubeSat. We strongly believe that Delfi-C3 has paved the way for many follow-on missions, both amateur and commercial, and has been a great step towards maturing CubeSat technology as well as training the next generation of space engineers. Stay tuned for updates!


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