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Satellite Custom Data and Frequency Markers for SDR-Console

Satellite Custom Data XML

In SDR-Console each satellite can have custom frequency data for both up- and downlink. With the support from Christophe from AMSAT-F a lot of satellites now have auto-generated XML files. The most used satellites has after the generation been manually updated by Lars SM0TGU. Read more about the AMSATLIST project for generation of satellites files.

This is how to install the XML files for your SDR Console:

  1. From SDR Console, open your local user folder.

  2. Make a backup of all your local files!
  3. Unzip all the files in the to your user folder. Please note that all your current XML files will be overwritten.
  4. Restart SDR-Console.
  5. Now all the XML Custom Satellite data files are available the next time you select a satellite.

Note that many satellites needs correction for mode, filter etc. but this can be a good start and you do not need to manually enter all the data.

Download the file from SM0TGUs Github:

Satellite Frequency Markers

This is a Spectrum Markers (Frequency Markers) file over ham radio satellites beacon (downlink) for SDR-Console v3 software. It is compiled from a sat list by JE9PEL (thank you!) on date 2019-09-11. (I have not updated the list after this date so many of the new satellites are missing).

Import the csv-file into SDR-Console:

  1. In SDR-Console please go to “View” -> “Markers” -> “Marker Configuration”.
  2. Choose to “CSV: Import”.
  3. Activate the markers of your interest, all or some. There will be errors, I have not double-checked all the frequencies.

Download the file from SM0TGUs Github:


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Hi Bill.
In SDR-Console please go to “View” -> “Markers” -> “Marker Configuration”. Choose to “CSV: Import”.

73 Lars SM0TGU

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