UVSQ-SAT first decode

Today (2021-01-24) I have been following the launch of UVSQ-SAT from the start from SpaceX, to deploy of the satellites to be one of the lucky to be the first to receive and decode telemetry.

Congratulation to all teams behind this satellite!

The decoded data has been sent to MVP Telemetry server:

And also to SatNOGS network:

I have used the following hardware and software:

  • RX at aprox 437.019 MHz USB BW 3.6 kHz
  • 26 el UHF LFA X-Yagi (2* 13 el) from InnovAntennas.
  • AlfaSpid RAS az/el rotor
  • LNA Mini-70 from SHF Elektronik
  • LMR-400 coax
  • SDRPlay RSP1a
  • SDR-Console v3 with doppler correction of downlink and satellite tracking, rotor control
  • PstRotator for rotor control interface between SDR-Console and RAS controller
  • VB-Cable: virtual audio cable for piping audio from SDR Console to Soundmodem. Set to 96 kHz and 16 bit.
  • Soundmodem G3RUH BPSK v 1.02 at mode BPSK G3RUH 1200bd. Be sure that the BPSK signal is centered ”over” the signal in the spectrum.
    For other settings, the picture below. Note the ”Input device” – that is you virtual audio cable.
    KISS Server Port is connected to UVSQsat Decoder.
  • UVSQsat Decoder v0.5. Data is beeing sent to both SatNOGS netword database and MVP Telemetry server.


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Maybe it is just me but it is important to use v 1.02 of soundmodem. Trust me i have tried the latest 1.05.

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