AMSAT-SM into the future in 2020

This is an english summary over the current re-organization of AMSAT-SM:

We are planning for the future for #amsat Sweden (AMSAT-SM)! If the members say Yes during the annual meeting in February and the next open meeting we are terminating AMSAT-SM as organization. Then a new group with the same name, AMSAT-SM, is started.

Group AMSAT-SM will be run by Håkan SM7WSJ, Lars SM0TGU and Inge SM4JLX. It is managed in agile style inspired by modern software development project. There will be no need for annual meetings.

We are doing this change because there is no interest in running a formal organization today. We think this is the only way to run AMSAT-SM into the future with minimal management overhead and maximum joy and fun! Current activities in AMSAT-SM will continue as normal and all members will be members in the new group. Stay tuned for updates! 


Webmaster and member of the AMSAT-SM steering group.

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