Satellite Status and Tracking API’s Added to AMSAT Website

Good news!

Thanks to an initiative by Heimir, W1ANT,  AMSAT added Application 
Programming Interfaces (APIs) to the AMSAT web site to make it easy 
for developers to write apps for mobile devices and the Internet of 
Things (IoT).  For example, the satellite status page does not work well on small screens.  By 
accessing the status data directly developers can easily present the 
data in a way appropriate for their screens.   

These APIs also make it easy for IoT homebrewers to do things like 
build next pass reminder gizmos so they can beep out notices in CW.   
The developers have set a goal of February 15, 2020 to finalize the 
APIs, and consider them operational on March 1, 2020.   Developers 
are encouraged to send suggestions or questions to   For details of API use 
visit and

[ANS thanks Joe Fitzgerald, KM1P for the above information.]