DXexpedition till VP2E

Frn ANS-138 hmtar vi fljande fr er som jagar DX:

From May 19th to May 30th, and then again possibly 2 weeks later, Drew, KO4MA, will be in Anguilla for work. He will at the least have an arrow and HT to make QSOs on UO-14, and SO-50 or AO-27 if they are on or still on by the time they get to 18 degrees latitude. A reciprocal license application has been submitted, but since it must be picked up in person, and this is a work trip, the exact date that operations can start as well as the callsign
is unknown at this time.

Drew says, I would like to do AO-40 too, but my luggage allowance is VERY restricted due to work stuff. With the close range and attitude, I may be able to use the UHF half of the arrow and a helix/preamp combo, or line an umbrella with foil when I get there and try that. If it looks like I can fit the gear, and it will work, I ll take the radios to do AO-40 (Yaesu FT-790/817 combo). If I do make AO-40, it will be only in the earliest AM hours before work. I will endeavor to assemble this setup this week and test it before I go.

There is also a chance of an evening pass or 2 from nearby Saint Martin/Maarten (PJ7/FS).

QSL direct only, with an SASE, or SAE and green stamp/euro, to my QRZ.com address.

[ANS thanks Drew, KO4MA, for the above information]

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Två radioamatörer ombord på ISS

Frn ANS:

A two ham Expedition 7 crew arrived at the International Space Station on April 28th to replace the crew currently on board.

Two men… cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko, RK3DUP and astronaut Ed Lu, KC5WKJ, have arrived…. the first team ever to get to the I S S aboard a Russian spacecraft. They replace 3 men… Commander Ken Bowersox, KD5JBP, Don
Pettit, KD5MDT, and Nikolai Budarin, RV3FB. That team flew back to earth on the third of May.

[ANS thanks Roy Neal, K6DUE Amateur Radio Newsline, for the above information]

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Status från 11 maj

From Stacey: We are about to begin active magnetorquing to hold ALON relatively steady and begin to lower ALAT. Current ALON/ALAT is approximately 330/25, but better determination will be possible once the ALAT drops below about 15 degs. and the earth enters the camera field of view.

We hope to have the passbands on during the first half of the orbit within about 1 week, if all goes well.

The A-blk message of the day section now includes height, Lon/Lat of the subsatellite point, and ALON/ALAT. All of these values are generated by the IHU-1 software based on its orbital and magnetorquing calculations. ALON/ALAT is also updated from the ground when a new magnetorquing command is issued.



Angående aktuella squintvinkeln

Per-ke SM4UVP frgar p mailinglistan:

Hej jag tnkte hra med er som r Qrv p AO40 om det r dliga frhllanden just nu fr att ev lyssna efter satelliten. Hur viktigt r det med den sk sqint vinkeln.
Och nr i s fall vet man att det r ngon ev ide att testa. Hlsningar SM4UVP Per-ke 73 73.

Hkan SM7SWJ svarar:

Vad jag hrt s r det sista bra lget p lrdag, sedan s r det 4 veckor tills satelliten ska vara krbar igen. Just nu s r det vl en sdan period som vi hade i hstas nr satellitens antenner vndes frn jorden. Framt sommaren s laddar vi fr fullt med ny 90cm parabol i masten och G3RUH patch.

73 Hkan SM7WSJ

ven Olle SM0DY svarar:

Bsta informationskllan betrffande AO-40 r AMSAT-DL:s hemsida http://www.amsat-dl.org .W4SM har en liten artikel skriven fr ngon dag sedan om hur Undanmanvern kommer att g till. Man slr av transpondern den 19 april 2350 UTC och har den avslagen i ca fyra veckor.

73 de SM0DY/Olle

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AMSAT-UK Colloquium

AMSAT-UK Colloquium kommer i r att hllas mellan 25-27 juli. All information finns p lnken nedan.

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