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Two new coordinated satellites

From ANS-022

The IARU has coordinated frequencies for the following two upcoming satellites:

    Orbital Solutions Monaco is the sponsor for ROSEYCUBESAT-1, a 1U CubeSat platform from ISISPACE with a very simple mission for students: taking simple pictures, providing telemetry and teaching radio amateur activities. Students can learn how to use an Amateur Radio antenna provided by the Vaudois Amateur Radio Club to download telemetry data, photos from the satellite and send commands to the satellite. Amateur Radio operators can participate in the mission because the satellite carries a built-in TRXVU transponder mode. A UHF downlink using 1k2/9k6 BPSK with AX 25 on 436.825 MHz together with a transponder uplink on 145.850 MHz have been coordinated. Planning a SpaceX launch from Vandenberg into a 550km SSO in February 2023.
    China University of Technology is the sponsor for a 1U CubeSat spacecraft with the following features.
    • APRS – When KASHIWA receives an APRS query from a ground station, it returns an ACK signal. The satellite logs the call sign and reception time of the received query. The log data is transmitted from the satellite to the ground station by a UHF downlink. The log is then published on the website. The APRS operation period will be from one week after orbit insertion until deorbit, almost one and half years.
    • “MoG’ (Music of Geomagnetic) KASHIWA transmits VHF analog FM signal containing the analog audio sound generated from geomagnetic data. The geomagnetic field observation data will also be transmitted in the data by UHF.
    • KASHIWA has two cameras onboard. They will take ISS (International Station), Ocean, and Land day and night. The field-of-view of two cameras is 194 degrees. Image data from the two cameras will be stored in flash memory then divided and downloaded by the UHF downlink and then restored by the ground station.

Telemetry using 4k8 GMSK with downlinks on 145.825 MHz, 437.375 MHz and 437.380 MHz have been coordinated. Planning a deployment from the ISS in October 2023. More info at

[ANS thanks the IARU for the above information.]


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