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New Chinese Space Station will get ham radio

Info from ANS-128:

The CSSARC is the Amateur Radio payload for Chinese Space Station, proposed by Chinese Radio Amateurs Club (CRAC), Aerospace System Engineering Research Institute of Shanghai (ASES) and Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT). The payload will provide resources for radio amateurs worldwide to make contacts with onboard astronauts or to communicate with each other.

The first phase of the payload is capable of providing the following functions utilizing the VHF/UHF amateur radio band:

  1. V/V or U/U crew voice;
  2. V/U or U/V FM repeater;
  3. V/V or U/U 1k2 AFSK digipeater;
  4. V/V or U/U SSTV or digital image.

The following frequencies have been coordinated:

  • V/V crew voice NFM 145.850, 145.985
  • U/U crew voice NFM 435.050, 436.510
  • V/U FM repeater NFM 145.875, 436.510
  • U/V FM repeater NFM 435.075, 145.985
  • V/V digipeater AFSK-FM 1200 145.825, 145.825
  • U/U digipeater AFSK-FM 1200 437.550, 437.550
  • V/V imaging SSTV-FM 145.850, 145.985
  • U/U imaging SSTV-FM 435.050, 436.510

A launch to the Chinese Space Station is planned for the third quarter of 2022 from Wenchang.


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Any updates on if the Amateur Radio payload is up and running on the Chinese Space Station?
Also, I’ve seen articles with two different names for the station. “Tiangong” (in a 2022 article) which I thought both 1 and 2 reentered the atmosphere, and “Tianhe” from other articles.
Any idea which is the one actually operational and still in orbit?

Tiangong is the name of the whole station and Tianhe is its core module. The ham radio payload is still in coordinating and await to be activated AFAIK.

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