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Satellite Memory File for IC-9700

This is a memory group file over satellite frequencies for Icom IC-9700 and CS-9700 software. Feel free to use it, change and add, make your own groups etc.

Import the memory file into CS-9700:
Note! Be sure that you not overwrite anything in your IC-9700 when cloning and/or importing the .csv file! Make a backup of your current settings!

  • Mark the Satellite Memory group
  • Right click and choose import the .csv file
  • The memories will now be imported to CS-9700

As CS-9700 seems to handle character set different between regions I have created two files. If one does not work, try the other one. Comma separated is working for North America.

Download the latest files from SM0TGUs Github:

Note! When downloading from GitHub, you download all the files in the repository as a zip file. Then you can use the file of your interest:

If you have any problems downloading the files from the GitHub location please contact us and the files can be sent via mail.


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8 replies on “Satellite Memory File for IC-9700”

Sorry i can not download your files… iam stupid but i try now 2 hours… i found no button at all…

Can you pls send me on the email the csv. file version Ic 9700 Europe Firmware 1.31

That would be so great…

At GitHub you need to download all the files for the project/repo, as a zip file. Or just copy the content of the file to a text editor and save the file to your local computer.

Hi thx for you answer, but i found not how i download this zip file… gibhub is really somethings for nerds 🙂 sorry iam so stupid… the text file version i tried dosent work , maybe i do it with notepad because i have no excel… i would really like when you send me the file via email thx a lot

There does seem to be a problem downloading the IC-9700 files from GitHub. I cant find the download link for the zip file. Could you also email the files to me? THANKS

Github is quite difficult to understand! Its made for nerds! Could you please send me the files? And BTW. Thanks for the good work writing these files.
I made my own file. But with only some few sats..

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