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MIR-SAT1 Designated as MIRSAT-OSCAR 112 (MO-112)

Information from ANS-185:
On June 22, 2021, MIR-SAT1 was deployed from the International Space Station by JAXA. MIR-SAT1 is a project of the Mauritius Research and Innovation Council and carries a digipeater and camera experiment. Further information is available at

At the request of the Mauritius Research and Innovation Council, AMSAT hereby designates MIR-SAT1 as MIRSAT-OSCAR 112 (MO-112). We congratulate the owners and operators, thank them for their contribution to the amateur satellite community, and wish them a long mission and continued success on this and future projects.

ANS thanks Drew Glasbrenner, KO4MA, AMSAT VP Operations / OSCAR Number Administrator, for the above information.


MIR-SAT1 has been identified as NORAD Cat ID 48868 as per Pierros Papadeas, SV1QVE and Nico Janssen, PA0DLO.


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