DXPATROL QO-100 Groundstation

The new DXPATROL QO-100 Groundstation is a “all-in-one” solution for portable Oscar 100 operation without any need for a computer. The specs:

  • Reception frequency 10 489.500 to 10 490.000MHz
  • Transmission Frequency 2400.000 to 2400.500 MHz
  • IF Frequency 432.500 to 433.000 Mhz
  • Linear UP and Down Converter
  • GPS Lock internal 10Mhz reference
  • Maximum Output RF Power 12W
  • Maximum input RF 5W ( 500mW optimum drive)
  • Input Voltage 12V to 14V
  • Thermal > 60º C protection
  • SWR > 1:3 protection
  • High Voltage input protection
  • Satellite Strength signal indication
  • Power output Bar and Watt indication
  • SWR Bar and ratio indication
  • Internal 5A fuse protection
  • NMEA GPS indication
  • Number of GPS satellites in range
  • GPS coordinates
  • QTH Locator presentation on screen
  • UTC Clock and Date.
  • Auto TX and RX by Vox PTT
  • Easy operation.
  • No tune require from TX to RX

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