Make the FOX-727 yagi more portable

The FOX-727 Dual band yagi is a budget yagi for VHF and UHF. Unlike the popular Arrow yagi it is not made for portable use and holding with one hand. The square bom make it hard to hold longer than one minute… (believe me, I have tried).

To make it more portable I cut some foam (just like the one you can use to sit on if you go camping…) and added some tape. I did it at two areas (see the picture) so you can choose where you would like to hold the antenna. The feedpoint and gamma match is located in the center of the antenna so it is not very good balanced to be able to hold it at the back. I prefer to hold it a little bit closer to the center.

The cost is almost zero and now it is possible to hold the antenna and pointing to a satellite!


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