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Satellite Memory File for IC-705

This is a memory group file over satellite frequencies for Icom IC-705 and CS-705 software. It is not complete and will be updated. Feel free to use it, change and add, make your own groups etc.

The memories are used like this:

  • Channels named with satellite name, for exemple “PO-101 Split”, are used in split mode. This channel can be used when using the IC-705 for portable operation or without an extra receiver .
  • The FM-satellites also has five split memories each with AOS-LOS frequencies – for portable operation without computer doppler tuning.
  • Channels named with satellite name and Uplink, for exemple “PO-101 Uplink”, are used only for uplink (not split). This can be used with software like SDR-Console v3 (external radio) or if you have an extra receiver.
  • Channels named with satellite name and Downlink, for exemple “RS-44 Downlink”, are used only for downlink (not split).

Import the memory file into CS-705:
Note! Be sure that you not overwrite anything in your IC-705 when cloning. Make a backup of your current settings!

  • Create a new memory group
  • Mark this new group
  • Choose File->Import->Group and choose the .csv file
  • The memories will now be imported to CS-705
  • Clone to your IC-705

As CS-705 seems to handle character set different between regions I have now created two files. If one does not work, try the other one. Comma separated is working for North America.

Download the latest files from SM0TGUs Github:

The files has to be downloaded as a zip file from GitHub, then use your file of interest:

If you have problems downloading the files from GitHub please contact us and the files can be sent via mail.

RT Systems Memories example

The following explanation is from Jack Spitznagel – KD4IZ, for the RT Systems software.This brief explanation assumes that the RT Systems IC-705 Programmer user knows how to import memories into the software:

  1. Before you merge these into an existing RT Systems memory set, it is first necessary to open the .CSV file in a spreadsheet (Excel or Libre Office) and edit the Channel Number and Bank names. Save the edited file as a .CSV file.
  2. Channel numbers should be set to start numbering at the first open memory row (this example: if row 77 is your first open memory row, start numbering at 77, go up to 99).
  3. Bank numbers should be changed to the first open memory Bank # in the form “##:Bank Name”. In the example, “04:Satellite” was used because Bank 0, 1, 2, and 3 already have assigned names in the memopry file that was used. Interestingly, the “Satellite” Bank Name was not recorded which requires some easy editing of the new file.
  4. Save your RT Systems memory file to a NEW FILENAME so you don’t lose your settings. Users may want to edit the arrangement once the data is imported into the RT Systems IC-705 Programmer.

Users may want to edit the arrangement once the data is imported into the RT Systems IC-705 Programmer.

Download the latest file from SM0TGUs Github (updated Feb 2021):


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10 replies on “Satellite Memory File for IC-705”

I have just tried to import your CSV file for the IC-705. Following your directions, I receive “File error. Illegal Data”. The data will not load in CS-705. When I looked at the file with a programming editor (Notepad+), many fields are separated with the “;” semi-colon character and not the “,” comma character. This may be the problem I have here. I wonder if there might be a character set difference that is the problem?
If I am able to get this to work, I would like to put the URL for this page into the AMSAT Bulletin for the coming week. Thanks in advance for your help!
Jack Spitznagel, KD4IZ
Assistant Editor – AMSAT News Service

Hello, I downloaded the file, how do you work the sats, in FM I know how to do it I have my FT3DE also programmed with 5 channels for each FM sat. In SSB when you change the uplink freq is the download freq following ? Thanks for explanation how to do it.
73 – Rudi – ON7CL

Hi! I need to manually track the uplink and downlink freq as this function is not present with IC-705. I use a freq chart on paper to manually see.
Actually most of the I’m using computer and SDR Console connected to the IC-705.
73 Lars

I guess is the same problem as always – CS-705 software can not handle different language settings. You have to export one file first, look how the file is formatted, then change (search-replace) the satellite file, then import it.

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