Listen to satellites with Android phone

In order to have a full duplex portable satellite station you must have two transceivers or one transmitting rig, like the FT817ND, and one receiver. But how about using your mobile Android phone and a RTL-SDR dongle? I have tested SDRTouch with my Samsung Galaxy 5 and a V3.

I also needed an OTG-cable with extra power jack (1 US$ on eBay) as my phone could drive the RTL by itself. The red little box is a USB Power Bank that powers the SDR.

And yes, it works… kind of. Installation of SDRTouch is very simple and after downloading drivers for the RTL-SDR everything works without any configuration.

But this is not a solution for me. Too much cables hanging around and the navigation in SDRTouch is not so easy. So I will try some other solution, probably a Windows 10 Tablet. Stay tuned for updates…

SDRTouch on the 2 meter satellite band