The last days of InflateSail in space

This weekend I had the opportunity to listen to the satellite InflateSail as it spent its last days in space. I was able to receive one of the final passes in the evening 2:rd of september (2017).

I used the follwing hardware:

  • 2 x 13 el Vårgårda Yagi with RHCP polarisation.
  • Alfaspid RAS rotor.
  • Airspy Mini

And a lot of software:

  • SDR Console V3 with integrated satellite tracking and doppler correction.
  • Soundmodem 0.98b with 1k2 BPSK G3RUH.
  • Online Telemetry Forwarder (DK3WN)
  • KISSDump+ (DK3WN)
  • InflateSail telemetry decoder (DK3WN)

This is a picture during the satellit pass (click for full res):

In this is the last decode of telemetry: