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AMSAT-SM HF-nätet 19/1 2014


Vi har varit igång alla söndagar i början av året, men lite svårt att
genomföra stabila kontakter då det varit varierande förhållande samt lite


*Rosetta wake up call

*Cubesat med 2,4 GHz
UKube-1 communications subsystem:Telemetry downlink 145.840 MHz
FUNcube subsystem beacon 145.915 MHz 1200 bps BPSK
400 mW inverting linear transponder for SSB and CW
435.080 -435.060 MHz Uplink
145.930 -145.950 MHz Downlink
2401.0 MHz S Band Downlink
437.425-437.525 MHz UKSEDS myPocketQub Downlink
March launch for UKube-1 and TechDemoSat-1

The UK CubeSat Forum

Announcing: The UK CubeSat Forum

*Angående nya satelliterDet är ett stort antal satelliter på väg upp även i
år och vi försöker hänga med och rapporter i samband med
uppskjutningar.*FUN-Cube AO-73Numera får man med AO-73 i listan när man
uppdaterar telemetrin i sitt spårningsprogram.Det ligger med lite nya Fitter
meddelande för den som lyssnar på satelliten
*ARRL läromedel för att få in rymden i klassrummet

Bringing space into the classroom is an incredibly powerful learning
experience for students. The marriage between wireless technology
literacy and space literacy is a strong one that produces a portfolio
of activities that can engage virtually all students at some ability
and interest level.

The portfolio of activities can range from simply having a satellite
prediction software package running in the back of the classroom on
an old, salvaged computer, a simple receiver to collect telemetry
data from orbiting satellites, to a full-up ground station to
communicate with other hams via satellites, or even with the
astronauts in the International Space Station through the ARISS
(Amateur Radio on the International Space Station) program.

New Resources for Classroom Instruction

For an overview of recent additions of classroom resources designed
to help teachers instruct students about research projects to be
launched by AMSAT on its Fox satellites, view a video of a
presentation by Mark Spencer, WA8SME at the 2013 AMSAT Symposium.

This library is a collection of resources designed for teachers who
want to explore satellite communications with students. There are
also instructional resources designed for classroom exploration of
satellite telemetry data used to understand satellite engineering and
research deployed on satellites. The classroom resources are
manipulatives that can prepare students to understand and utilize
live telemetry data that can be captured from orbiting satellites.
The collection includes

+ Satellite Antenna Rotor Simulator
+ CubeSat Classroom Simulator
+ Study Satellite “Wobble” Using Telemetry Data
+ Managing Satellite Power: A Study in Maximum Power Point Tracking
+ MAREA: Mars Lander Simulation
+ Using FUNCube to do Materials Science in the Classroom
+ Studying Satellite Rotation

In the interest of supporting teachers who want to bring space into
the classroom by actively engaging students with amateur radio
satellite communications, the Education Technology Program has
developed some equipment resources designed with utility to support
ham radio satellite operations for classroom use.

+ Satellite Tracker Interface
+ ISS Minimalist Antenna
+ ISS Minimalist Antenna, UHF Version
+ Inexpensive Broadband Preamp for Satellite Work
+ Inexpensive �WRAPS� Rotor for Satellite Work

For more information visit

This information nicely supplements other ARRL Educational

The ARRL Educational & Technology Program Curriculum Guide

Reports on classroom activities

Amateur Radio Curriculum Connections

and other articles and stories that describe the classroom
activities of students

Vi hörs även nästa söndag på 3740 KHz

73 Håkan SM7WSJ


Webmaster and member of the AMSAT-SM steering group.

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