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AMSAT-SM HF-nätet 8/9 2013


Dagens nät på 3740 KHz.



*LADEE på väg till Månen

*Nya satellitoperatörer (några exempel på hur smidigt det kan vara med god uppfinningsförmåga)

*AMSAT-DL (presentation)

*Mer satelliter reports Planet Labs is launching 28 Dove 3U-CubeSats early 2014, presumably like Dove-1/2 using 2400 MHz.

*Funcube (snart i en omloppsbana nära dig…)

The AMSAT FUNcube team are delighted to be able to announce that the
FUNcube-1 CubeSat has now completed all its final testing and been placed
into its launch POD. This work was completed during a three day programme
at the premises of ISIS BV in Delft in the Netherlands and was finished, on
time, late this afternoon. FUNcube-1 is actually the middle 1U CubeSat of
three sharing a 3U ISIPOD. It is sharing the ISIPOD with ZACUBE-1 from
South Africa and HINcube from Norway. ZACube-1, in addition to carrying VHF
and UHF communications equipment also has a 20 metre beacon which will
operate on 14.099MHz This ISIPOD, with the spacecraft inside, will be
transported to Russia, early next month,for launch and will eventually be
attached directly to the launch vehicle.

FUNcube-1 carries a U/V linear transponder and the educational telemetry
beacon using 1k2 BPSK for school outreach purposes.

The current launch info has lift off scheduled for November 21st at 07:11:29

Full intial orbit details and TLE?s, together with decoding sofwtare will be
made available over the next few weeks

best 73

Graham G3VZV ? Wouter PA3WEG ? Jim G3WGM

(Video på länken nedan)

mvh Håkan SM7WSJ


Webmaster and member of the AMSAT-SM steering group.

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