AMSAT-SM HF-nätet 21/10 2012


Dagens nät på 3740 Khz klockan 10.00



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Nya djärva grepp och en teoretisk räckvidd på 13430km

CAMSAT Announces New Details of CAS-2 Amateur Satellite Mission

First announced at the Friedrichshafen Ham Radio 2012 event, the
Chinese Amateur Satellite Group (CAMSAT) has made additional infor-
mation available on the new CAS-2 satellite under development. The
latest news has been posted by AMSAT-UK:

CAMSAT is building two micro-satellites CAS-2A1 and CAS-2A2 to be
combined into a binary star system for amateur radio communication
and education.

There will be a radio link between two satellites when the satel-
lites are in suitable positions in their orbits, so that the ama-
teur radio communication coverage can be extended. Both spacecraft
are 25kg 270x270x250mm and are planning to launch from Taiyuan into
a sun synchronous, 1000km apogee, 99.5 degree orbit.

Missions of CAS-2A1 satellite:
+ 145 MHz CW telemetry beacon 100mW
+ 145 MHz AX.25 digital telemetry beacon 500mW
+ 145 MHz FM voice beacon 500mW
+ 435/145 MHz mode Linear transponder 50 kHz 500mW
+ 1260/2400 MHz Linear transponder 200 kHz 320mW
+ 435/145 MHz APRS repeater

Missions of CAS-2A2 satellite:
+ 435 MHz CW telemetry beacon 100mW
+ 435 MHz AX.25 digital telemetry beacon 500mW
+ 2400 MHz CW telemetry beacon 200mW
+ 10450 MHz CW telemetry beacon 200mW
+ 145/435 MHz Linear transponder 500mW


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73 Håkan SM7WSJ