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Bilder på månen

Man har anvnd mnen som riktmedel fr att kalibrera YACE-kameran. Ls mer p AMSAT-DL, full frklaring ges av James Miller G3RUH.


Ham Satellite news

PcSat i kritiskt läge

No-44, PcSat, befinner sig i kritiskt lge d batterierna inte fr laddning. Fljande info r frn den 13 maj:

On 13 May, PCsat is in maximum eclipse cycle and for several orbits we have been unable to get her into positive power budget. We have turned off the digi and changed its callsign to NODIGI as a means of alterting USERS to this situation. When we recover PCsat, we will probably go back to OPS MINIMUM and ask that PCsat only be used for demos and other
MANNED operations for the next 3 weeks of maximum eclipses.. .

Klla: PcSats hemsida

Ham Satellite news

IDEFIX-satelliterna uppe

Hkan SM7WSJ rapporterar via mailinglistan:

The two IDEFIX AMSAT-France picosats have been sucessfully launched by Ariane 4 flight 151. Both payloads should start to transmit around the 13th of may. They are battery powered and remain attached to the third stage of the launcher.

Voice messages and 400 bps telemetry data will be transmitted on 145,840 and 435,270 MHz. A decoding software will be available in the next few days. An IDEFIX WEB site is to be opened very soon.

Stay tuned!

73 de Jean-Louis F6AGR
President AMSAT-France

QSL-adress om du hrt satelliterna r fljande (skicka med
SASE och 2 IRC):

14 bis, rue des Gourlis
92500 Rueil Malmaison

Mer info p hemsidan:


Ham Satellite news

RUDAK och GPS aktiva igen

Enligt nedanstende information frn Oscar-40 teamet finns det nu tillrckligt med kraft fr att ter igen aktivera GPS och RUDAK.

With the improved solar angle, we now believe that we have enough power to activate RUDAK, GPS, and CEDEX. Both the GPS and CEDEX experiments have yielded exciting preliminary data and the experimenters, including the folks at NASA, are anxious to gain as much additional information as possible. Therefore, if all goes according to plan, the above schedule will be in effect for Orbit 701 and 702 (Amsat AO-40 orbit numbers as in telemetry, subtract 1 from recent NORAD keps).

Note that from MA = 128 to 190, the middle beacon will be off and one or both RUDAK downlinks will be active. After Orbit 702, if all software has been successfully loaded, the length of the RUDAK interval is scheduled to be decreased to MA =128 to 160.

Several stations around the world are set up to download RUDAK data. On passes where active downloading is not scheduled, and images are needed for ALON/ALAT calculation, the RUDAK pass may be inactivated, either partially or completely, or the middle beacon may be activated in addition to the RUDAK downlink, at least temporarily, while image files are downloaded.

— W4SM for the AO-40 Command Team


Ham Satellite news

Nyheter om ISS och RS-21

Anders, SM0DZL, lmnar fljande info:

25 april kl 0626z startade Soyuz-TM 34 frn Baikonur i Kazakhsatan. Ombord fanns Yuri Gidzenko , Roberto Vittori/IZ6ERU samt turisten Mark Shuttlewoth/ZS RSA. Man dockade med ISS 27 april och under vistelsen ombord har Mark aktiverat NA1SS. Mark har tutat p bde 145.800 och 143.625.

Landningen med Soyuz-TM 33 berknas ske den 4 maj om aftonen p den kazakhiska stppen.

Angende RS-21: Hdanfrd tidigarelagd till 3-4 maj.
Jag ser ofta RS uttytt som RADIO SPORT men p ryska str det fr Radioljubitelxskij Sputnik = amatrradiosatellit.

Klla: Anders SM0DZL

Ham Satellite news

Två nya amatörradiosatelliter på gång

Enligt tidigare bulletiner frn AMSAT-F (Frankrike) ska tv picosatelliter skjutas upp imorgon den 3 maj tillsammans med satelliten SPOT-5. En Ariane-4 raket str fr lyftet upp i rymden.

P AMSAT-F hemsida kan vi lsa att den ena satelliten ska snda p 145.840 MHz och den andra p 435.270 MHz. De kommer att snda digitalt tal och telemtri enligt AO-40 format (400 bps BPSK), r batteridrivna och berknas fungera i 40 dagar i en bana p ca. 800 km hjd. Sndarna kommer sls p 10 dagar efter uppskjutningen.

Info frn AMSAT-F:

Uppskjutningsbevakning frn

//Lars SM0TGU