RUDAK och GPS aktiva igen

Enligt nedanstende information frn Oscar-40 teamet finns det nu tillrckligt med kraft fr att ter igen aktivera GPS och RUDAK.

With the improved solar angle, we now believe that we have enough power to activate RUDAK, GPS, and CEDEX. Both the GPS and CEDEX experiments have yielded exciting preliminary data and the experimenters, including the folks at NASA, are anxious to gain as much additional information as possible. Therefore, if all goes according to plan, the above schedule will be in effect for Orbit 701 and 702 (Amsat AO-40 orbit numbers as in telemetry, subtract 1 from recent NORAD keps).

Note that from MA = 128 to 190, the middle beacon will be off and one or both RUDAK downlinks will be active. After Orbit 702, if all software has been successfully loaded, the length of the RUDAK interval is scheduled to be decreased to MA =128 to 160.

Several stations around the world are set up to download RUDAK data. On passes where active downloading is not scheduled, and images are needed for ALON/ALAT calculation, the RUDAK pass may be inactivated, either partially or completely, or the middle beacon may be activated in addition to the RUDAK downlink, at least temporarily, while image files are downloaded.

— W4SM for the AO-40 Command Team



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