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AO 40 utrustning

Hej! sg en kul hemsida nere i Italien
speciellt patchen sg intressant ut.

mvh Hkan SM7WSJ

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Ham Satellite news


FO-29 CW telemetry received on 3 Feb 2003.
FO29 gr i analogt mode!

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Ham Satellite news


PCsat is still working just fine in the afternoons and early evening.

AND in about a week she will be entering a two week period of full sun and therefore full operations at any time it is in view, so if you plan any special travels or events,PCsat should work fine for you.

And since We put it up there for fun, and we have no real pressing need to run the GPS, we may even allow some BBS activity. PCSAT has two fully functional BBS s (just like ISS), but since they are so much less efficient than UI
digipeating, they were never part of the PCSAT mission
and we never planned on using them. But if someone has a special event or experiment they would like to try, let us know.

PCSAT has amazed us, because with the loss of 16% of its solar arrays on launch, it runs into a negative power budget most of the time, and so it has been deep-cycling its NICD s to near zero volts every orbit, 14 times a day, for over 5000 cycles. yet when it is in the sun, it is alive.This will cease as soon as one of the cells shorts or reverses, so use her while you can, she wont last long…..(knock on wood)….

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Rymdfärjan Columbia

(ARISS teamet skriver)

The world has lost 7 great heroes today. The catastrophic loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia and her crew was a shock to everyone world-wide.

On behalf of the entire AmateurRadio on the International Space Station (ARISS) team, I would like to extend our
deepest expressions of sympathy to the friends and family of the STS-107 crew.

Today s events clearly demonstrated the challenging and sometimes sobering aspects of space travel. Space travel is not easy. It is hard. We do our best to ensure there are adequate safety nets in place to ensure mission success.

But sometimes something goes wrong and we are not successful.Unfortunately, this is what we all experienced today.

It is essential that we learn from what happened from today and use this information, and our new heros spirit, to springboard us to new, safer levels of space travel.Our
quest for space must continue despite these tragic
losses…just like the sailing and arctic explorers of old.

It should be noted that 3 of the 7 crew members on STS-107 were amateur radio operators: Mission Specialists David M. Brown, KC5ZTC, Kalpana Chawla, KD5ESI and LaurelClark KC5ZSU

On a personal note, Kalpana Chawla or KC as she affectionately called, worked closely with the ARISS team for several years as our astronaut liaison. She stepped down from this position when she began preparations for the STS-107 shuttle flight. We will deeply miss her tremendous support, positive attitude, and heroism.

This is a difficult time for all of us. Let s work together to keep the torch of space travel alive in the hearts and spirits of humans worldwide.And most importantly please keep the astronauts, their family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.

Frank H. Bauer, KA3HDO
AMSAT-NA V.P. for Human Spaceflight Programs
Chairman, ARISS International

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Farewell SO-43 — SK tonight

Tonite sees the re-entry of a very interesting amateur satellite — SO-43(21 Jan 2003 @ 04:37 UTC, in the Pacific west of Costa Rica).

Many of you who were at the AMSAT meeting in Portland,Maine a couple of years ago remember a paper presented by Gil Moore, N7YTK describing the STARSHINE program — Disco Ball mirror satellites that were designed to foster interest in Space Science by the youth. Students all around the world polished the individual mirrors for the
satellites. Gil — who looks like a pirate with a black patch over his left eye — told us that STARSHINE-3 would carry a small amateur telemetry beacon on 145.825 MHz. The satellite,along with PCSAT NO-44 was launched on the first successful Agena launch from Kodiak Island in late September, 2001. The story is told at, and

When STARSHINE-3 was placed into orbit, it became Starshine Oscar-43 as
documented on the AMSAT web site at

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Ham Satellite news

Moon Bounce


Hr r en adress med massa lnkar och operatrstips fr dom som r intresserade av att kra svaga signaler.

Mycket av informationen kan skert vara anvndbar fr satellitkontakter, eller varfr inte testa ett EME JT44 QSO med en rep yagi? ls vidare!

73 Hkan SM7WSJ

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