CubeBel-2 received 2023-07-02

CubeBel-2 telemetry @EU1SAT over Stockholm ar 2023-07-02. Software and hardware used:

  • RX at aprox 436.991 MHz Wide FM BW 12 kHz
  • 2 x 13 el LFA X-Yagi (InnovAntenna) switched between HOR and VER polarisation
  • AlfaSpid RAS az/el rotor
  • LNA Mini-70 from SHF Elektronik
  • LMR-400 coax
  • Airspy Mini SDR
  • SDR-Console v3 with doppler correction of downlink and satellite tracking, rotor control
  • PstRotator for rotor control interface between SDR-Console and RAS controller
  • VB-Cable: virtual audio cable for piping audio from SDR Console to Soundmodem. Set to 96 kHz and 16 bit.
  • HS-Soundmodem v0.27 at mode FSK G3RUH 9600bd.
  • GetKISS+ v 1.4.2 from DK3WN for sending telemetry to SatNOGS dB


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