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HO-107 is back

On the evening of July 17, 2020, Vlad Chorney, EU1SAT, tweeted
“Husky-1 ACTIVE!” with a screenshot from FoxTelem showing that he had
received telemetry from HO-107 (HuskySat-1) which had been silent for
nearly two months. About an hour after EU1SAT’s tweet, the satellite
passed over the eastern United States and AMSAT command stations
KO4MA and N8MH copied telemetry. On subsequent passes, the satellite
was successfully commanded.

Please continue to copy telemetry in FoxTelem. If you have removed
HO-107 from your tracked satellites during its period of inactivity,
please add it back. The transponder remains disabled while AMSAT
Operations evaluates the telemetry from the satellite.

[ANS thanks AMSAT Operations for the above information]


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