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CAS-7A launch in September

Info from ANS-131 about a new interesting satellite with HF:
Two new Chinese amateur radio satellites are now expected to launch on
September 15, 2020. The first of these satellites, CAS-7A, is a 27 kg
microsat (750 mm x 650 mm x 260 mm) with three-axis stabilization and
several transponders. The transponders include a 15m to 10m linear
transponder (H/t), a 15m to 70cm linear transponder (H/u), and a 2m to
70cm linear transponder(V/u). The satellite also includes a 2m to 70cm
(V/u) FM transponder. Several beacons and data downlinks are also feat-
ured, CW beacons on 10m and 70cm, 4.8k or 9.6k GMSK telemetry on 70cm,
and a 1 Mbps GMSK image data downlink on 3cm for the on board camera.
IARU coordinated frequencies for the uplinks and downlinks are listed

This launch is also expected to carry CAS-7C, a 2U CubeSat with a V/u
linear transponder and a CW beacon. Frequencies for CAS-7C have not
been coordinated by the IARU at the time of this writing. CAS-7C will
also deploy a 1 mm diameter 1080 meter long carbon fiber rope.

CAS-7A and CAS-7C will launch from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center
into a 500 km sun-synchronous orbit with an inclination of 98 degrees.


CAS-7A H/t Linear Transponder
Uplink – 21.245MHz through 21.275 MHz
Downlink – 29.435MHz through 29.465 MHz
CW Beacon 29.425 MHz

CAS-7A H/u Linear Transponder
Uplink – 21.3125 MHz through 21.3275 MHz
Downlink – 435.3575 MHz through 435.3725 MHz
CW Beacon 435.430MHz

CAS-7A V/u Linear Transponder
Uplink – 145.865 MHz through 145.895 MHz
Downlink – 435.385 MHz through 435.415 MHz
CW Beacon 435.430MHz

CAS-7A V/u FM Transponder
Uplink 145.950 MHz
Downlink 435.455 MHz

4.8k / 9.6k GMSK telemetry downlink – 435.480 MHz
1 Mbps GMSK image data downlink – 10460.00 MHz

[ANS thanks the IARU for the above information]


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