Minor Update to FoxTelem Released

FoxTelem has been updated to version 1.08z5 and the latest version is


This is not a mandatory upgrade. It fixes some minor bugs that caused
crashes and corrects the calculation of the bit SNR for the Dot Pro-
duct BPSK detector.

If you use the Dot Product detector and you care about the measured
bit signal to noise ratio, then you want to upgrade.  Note that if you
use Find Signal in IQ mode then the bit SNR level is used to determine
if the signal is found. Because the level has changed you will need to
adjust the threshold value.  Email Chris Thompson at g0kla at arrl.net
if you need more information.

Please let me know if you see any issues, or log them on GitHub here:

[ANS thanks Chris Thompson, AC2CZ/G0KLA, AMSAT FoxTelem Developer for
the above information]