AMSAT-DL Announces a New QO-100 DownConverter V3d

The first version of the AMSAT-DL down converter was built in early
2019, enabling many stations to become active on QO-100 for the first
time. Since then, a lot of operating experience and new insights have
been gained, which have flowed into the new board V3d.

The AMSAT-DL DownConverter V3d is a completely new development. It
offers important functions for all QO-100 stations, no matter if you
work with VHF/UHF, HF transceiver, or an SDR. This new board can be
used as a central frequency converter assembly for your QO-100 sta-
tion providing stable clocks for all components meaning that addi-
tional external GPS modules are not required.

The specification for the AMSAT-DL DownConverter V3d includes:

  • Centralized clock generation with GPS or OCXO
  • Reference clock for the PLL in the LNB
  • Reference clock for a transmit mixer
  • Reference clock for an SDR
  • Short-circuit proof LNB phantom power
  • Connection for a dual LNB (for simultaneous NB and WB reception)
  • Downward mixing of the NB transponder into an amateur band
    (UHF/VHF or HF)
  • OLED display for displaying the operating status and the station

The full specification and list of features is posted at:
and you can order your unit at:

[ANS thanks AMSAT-DL for the above information]


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