FUNcube Data Warehouse URL Change

As part of the migration of the data warehouse to the new server, we are now redirecting all dashboard data submissions to:

http://data.amsat-uk.org (there is no need to change your dashboard settings)

Hence, all information at http://warehouse.funcube.org will no longer be updated.

I will be merginging the scores today at http://data.amsat-uk.org/ranking

(I am at the top of the list because of data migration)

You can search for your site name or order the columns by clicking on the column header. There have been requsts for the existing style of ranking, including age colour, for each satellite. I will be implementing this
in the next couple of days.

If you have lost your Dashboard credentials please visit:


Hope you like the new site and and feedback will be welcome.

73 Dave, G4DPZ


Webmaster and member of the AMSAT-SM steering group.

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