Es’hail-2/P4A Designated Qatar-OSCAR 100 (QO-100)

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Vi har nu fått den 100:e Oscar-satelliten och det blev Es´hail-2!

On November 15, 2018, Es’hail-2/P4A was launched on a Falcon 9 launch
vehicle from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Space Launch
Complex 40 in Florida. Es’hail-2/P4A was developed jointly by QARS
(Qatar Amateur Radio Society) and Es’hailSat (the Qatar Satellite
Company), with AMSAT-DL as the technical lead, and is the first
geostationary amateur radio payload. The satellite has reached its
final position at 25.9 °E, and the narrow and wideband transponders
were successfully tested on December 23rd. The transponders are
expected to be opened for general use in February 2019.

At the request of AMSAT Deutschland e.V., QARS, and Es’hailSat, AMSAT
hereby designates Es’hail-2/P4A as Qatar-OSCAR 100 (QO-100). May the
100th OSCAR satellite be the guide star to future amateur radio
satellites and payloads to geostationary orbit and beyond.

[ANS thanks AMSAT VP Operations / OSCAR Number Administrator Drew
Glasbrenner, KO4MA, for the above information.]


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