AO-85 Update 2018-12-19

AO-85 har numera kända problem med sina batterier. Ibland är spänningen nere mot 2.8V vilket tydligen är en mycket låg och riskabel nivå för batteriernas överlevnad.
Just nu är därför både IHU (omborddatorn) och sändaren avslagna. Fullständig rapport från KO4MA kommer här:

Drew Glasbrenner, KO4MA, Vice-President Operations published the
following on AO-85’s status as of December 19, 2018:

”As you probably know, AO-85 has had issues recently with the
batteries dropping precariously low during eclipse. We think it’s
likely the batteries suffered degradation due to heat during previous
periods of no eclipses. This has made it difficult to keep the
satellite available for use without endangering the batteries. Today
the nominally 3.6v pack was down to 2.8v at the end of the eclipse.
That is dangerously low.

”In an effort to extend the useable life of the satellite, this
evening we turned both the IHU and the transmitter off. This ceases
all transmissions, including the beacons every two minutes in both
sunlit and eclipsed parts of the orbit. We will periodically turn
the satellite back on for an orbit or two, in order to gather
telemetry. If all goes as planned, we will turn the repeater back on
during the next period of no eclipses beginning around January 24th.

”In the meantime, it is important to leave AO-85 tracked in your
FoxTelem setups, in order for us to gather telemetry and keep tabs
on the situation. If you do happen to hear a Veronica beacon, or
either the normal repeater or the COR/no telemetry repeater, please
let the list know, or send me an email or message directly.

”We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we try to make
the most of the situation. Please consider supporting the AMSAT
GOLF project with your membership, and one-time or recurring
donations at:

[ANS thanks Drew Glasbrenner, KO4MA for the above information.]