First CubeBel-1 telemetry 2018-11-11

@EU1SAT @BsuSat My first CubeBel-1 decode and uploaded to Bsusat web. The following equipment was used:

  • Antenna 13 el Vårgårda UHF Yagi, vertical
  • LNA Mini-70 from SHF-Elektronik
  • Rotor el/azi RAS  from SPID Elektronik
  • 16m RFC 400 low loss coax
  • Airspy Mini
  • SDR-Console V3
  • High-Speed Soundmodem by UZ7HO
  • Online Telemetry Forwarder by DK3WN. Server set to
  • PstRotator for controlling rotor
  • And maybe some more software…

Frq for RX was 436.990 MHz Wide FM, data stream sent as FSK G3RUH 9600bd. Everything was received and decoded fully automatic while I was doing dinner for my kids 🙂


Webmaster and member of the AMSAT-SM steering group.

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