AO-92 är nu öppen för amatörradiobruk

Nu är AO-92 öppen för amatörradiobruk, eller som det kallas på satellitspråk ”Commissioned”. Nedan kan du läsa det officiella meddelandet inkl. en bra frekvensguide:

On the 03:25 UTC pass on January 26, 2018, AMSAT Vice President –
Engineering Jerry Buxton, N0JY, announced that AO-92 had been
commissioned and formally turned the satellite over to AMSAT
Operations. AMSAT Vice President – Operations Drew Glasbrenner, KO4MA,
then declared that AO-92 was now open for amateur use.

Initially, the U/v FM transponder will be open continuously for a
period of one week. After the first week, operations will be scheduled
between the U/v FM transponder, L-Band Downshifter, Virginia Tech
Camera, and the University of Iowa’s High Energy Radiation CubeSat
Instrument (HERCI).

Schedule updates will appear in the AMSAT News Service Weekly
Bulletins and will also be posted to the AMSAT-BB, AMSAT’s Twitter
account (@AMSAT), the AMSAT North America Facebook group, and the
AMSAT website at

AO-92 was launched on the PSLV-C40 mission from Satish Dhawan Space
Centre in Sriharikota, India on January 12, 2018. For the past two
weeks, the AMSAT Engineering and Operations teams have been testing
the various modes and experiments on board. Testing has shown that
both the U/v FM transponder and L-Band Downshifter work very well. The
Virginia Tech camera has returned stunning photos and data from HERCI
has been successfully downlinked.

AMSAT thanks the 178 stations worldwide that have used FoxTelem to
collect telemetry and experiment data from AO-92 during the
commissioning process. The collection of this data is crucial to the
missions of AMSAT’s Fox-1 satellites. Please continue to collect data
from AO-85, AO-91, and AO-92.

Fox-1D Doppler Shift Correction

Memory 1 (AOS) – TX 435.340 MHz (67.0 Hz Tone), RX 145.880 MHz
Memory 2 (Rise) – TX 435.345 MHz (67.0 Hz Tone), RX 145.880 MHz
Memory 3 (TCA) – TX 435.350 MHz (67.0 Hz Tone), RX 145.880 MHz
Memory 4 (Descend) – TX 435.355 MHz (67.0 Hz Tone), RX 145.880 MHz
Memory 5 (LOS) – TX 435.360 MHz (67.0 Hz Tone), RX 145.880 MHz

The L-band experiment will use 1267.350 MHz uplink with 145.880 MHz
downlink. UHF and L-band uplink operation are set by the command
stations; the operating schedule will be posted.

[ANS thanks AMSAT Vice-President Engineering, Jerry Buxton, NØJY,
AMSAT Vice President Operatings Drew Glasbrenner, KO4MA, and AMSAT
Executive Vice President Paul Stoetzer, N8HM for the above information]