RadFsSat/Fox-1B start 10 november 2017


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RadFsSat/Fox-1B Integration With P-POD Complete & Waiting for Launch

Following successful integration into the P-POD last week, it has now
been announced that the launch date of RadFxSat/Fox-1B is set for
November 10, 2017.

RadFxSat will fly with four other CubeSats in the ELaNa XIV mission on
the United Launch Alliance Delta II rocket launching NASA’s JPSS-1
satellite from Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA.

After successful
deployment of the JPSS-1 primary payload, the ELaNa XIV CubeSats will be
deployed. RadFxSat should have an orbit lifetime of about seven years in
the projected orbit:
+ 811 km x 440 km
+ i = 97.73 degrees
+ LTAN = 13:20:35