Ny version FoxTelem Release 1.04


Det har kommit en ny version av telemetriprogrammet för Fox-satelliterna. Chris Thompson, G0KLA / AC2CZ skriver följande om nyheterna:

This is a quick note to say that FoxTelem Version 1.04 is being released. There
is a lot in this version so I have written some blog posts to summarize new
features.  See below.

You can download FoxTelem for your platform from one of these links:

Broadly speaking the changes fit into the following categories:

1. Full support for Fox-1Cliff, Fox-1D and RadFXSat including better High Speed
decoding and a better find signal algorithm.

2. Additional analytical capabilities so you can plot one telemetry variable
against another.  I hope this will inspire more people to analyze the telemetry
from the spacecraft and post comments on what they see.  I have put some of my
own thoughts online here:

3. Enhanced tools to analyze your ground station with SkyPlots for satellite
measurements like Signal to Noise ratio and graphs for pass measurements.
Skyplots in particular need a bit of explanation, so I have written more details
here: http://www.g0kla.com/foxtelem/skyplot.php