Ny version av FoxTelem v1.03

Nu finns en ny version av telemetriprogrammet för FOX-satelliterna, v1.03. Information:


This version of FoxTelem uses a new datafile format.  While we store our
data on the server in an SQL database, we use a flat file database for FoxTelem.
A flat file format is nearly optimal for a program that mostly adds new data to
the end of a growing list.  With that said, we need to be able to load sections
of the data into memory for efficient analysis.  The new data file format allows
that. If you have been downloading data from the server for analysis, you will
see that this format is much faster.

One major change is the ability to automatically switch between low speed
and high speed.  This will help unattended stations gather as much telemetry as
possible.  The “auto” mode actually runs both decoders at the same time, so
make sure your computer has enough CPU power to cope.

Graphing has been updated to support better analysis of the spacecraft by
the AMSAT Operations team and amateur scientists everywhere.

This version also contains new features that will be required for
Fox-1Cliff and Fox-1D.

You can download it here:

[ANS thanks Chris, G0KLA, for the above information]