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SERPENS CubeSat släppt från ISS

Deployment of the SERPENS CubeSat from the ISS on September 17, 2015 – Credit JAXA

Den 17 september släpptes den Brasilianska satelliten SERPENS ut från ISS. Den har som fokus att samla olika typer av väderdata men har även amatörradio ombord. Jag klipper frisk från andra nyhetsbrev runt de två nerlänkar som finns:

  • 145.980 MHz using GFSK modulation at 9600 bps and AX.25 protocol
    transmiting two different beacons. The first occurs every 10 seconds with the
    message “SERPENS A”. This is implemented for easy identification of the
    satellite when searching for it. The second beacon is transmitted every 30
    seconds and contains the main housekeeping data of the satellite. In addition
    to the beacons, a simple Store and Forward experiment has been implemented.
  • 437.365 MHz using CW/MSK modulation at 1200 bps and CSP protocoll.
  • There is a Store and Forward messaging system compatible with HUMSAT sensors on the frequency of 437.525 MHz, using GMSK modulation at 1200 bps. The HUMSAT transponder will collect data (e.g. wind, humidity, water levels, etc) fromEarth based sensors operating on 437.525 MHz, store the data on-board and then transmit it to university ground stations. For more information visit

Mer info på “SERPENS Amateur Radio Page”


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