Phase 4 Transponder verklighet under 2016?



Nu har AMSAT kommit ett steg närmare en verklighet att kunna få en geostationär transponder under 2016. Det finns nu ett kontrakt att bygga TV-satelliten Es’hailSat där en payload med amatörradiotransponder är planerad. Upplänken kommer att vara mellan 2.400-2.450 GHz och nerlänken mellan 10.450-10.500 GHz. Ungefär en tredjedel av jordens yta kommer att täckas kontinuerligt.

Info från ANS:

Gunter Krebs reports on his Space Pages on the web that Es’hailSat has
signed a contract with MELCO to build the Es’hail-2 geostationary

Es’hail 2 is a planned communication satellite operated by
Es’hailSat, the Qatar Satellite Company. It will also feature an
radio amateur payload.

The new satellite will be positioned at the 26° East hotspot
position for TV broadcasting and significantly adds to the company’s
ability to provide high quality, premium DTH television content
across the Middle East and North Africa. It will feature Ku-band and
Ka-band transponders to provide TV distribution and government
services to strategic stakeholders and commercial customers who
value broadcasting and communications independence, interference
resilience, quality of service and wide geographical coverage.
Es’hail 2 is expected to be launched at the end of 2016.

In September 2014, a contract with MELCO was signed to build the
satellite based on the DS-2000 bus.

Es’hail 2 will also provide the first Amateur Radio geostationary
communication capability linking Brazil and India. It will carry two
“Phase 4” Amateur Radio transponders. The payload will consist of a
250 kHz linear transponder intended for conventional analogue
operations in addition to another transponder which will have an
8 MHz bandwidth. The latter transponder is intended for experimental
digital modulation schemes and DVB amateur television. The uplinks
will be in the 2.400-2.450 GHz and the downlinks in the
10.450-10.500 GHz amateur satellite service allocations.
Both transponders will have broad beam antennas to provide full
coverage over about third of the earth’s surface. The Qatar Amateur
Radio Society andQatar Satellite Company are cooperating on the
amateur radio project.
AMSAT-DL is providing technical support to the project.

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