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AMSAT-SM HF-nätet 20/4 2014 och KickSat launch


Vi försökte köra ett litet nät idag men det var full fart på naturjägarna på 3740 KHz.försökte skifta till 3737 KHz men fick nog inte fram informationen.Det har varit en lyckad uppskjutning för Space X och vi
har återigen lite nya satelliter.

Undertecknad har precis hört kicksat på 437.505 Mhz men dom kepler som ligger ute stämmer inte.Av dom över 100 småsatelliterna hörs inget på 437.240 så det kommer nog senare.

mvh Håkan SM7WSJ

Successful launch of KickSat carrying 104 Sprite satellites

Five CubeSats including KicksSat which carries 104 Sprite satellites
on 437 MHz were successfully launched by the SpaceX CRS-3 mission on
Friday, April 18 at 19:25:22 UT.

Zac Manchester KD2BHC says:
After a beautiful launch KickSat was deployed in low Earth orbit. We
at Cornell and several amateur radio operators around the world have
made contact with the spacecraft and it is alive and well. I can?t
thank all of you enough for your tremendous support over the past two
years. Thank you for believing in KickSat!

This is the culmination of a lot of hard work and is a huge
milestone, but we?re not done yet. In 16 days the Sprites will deploy
from KickSat. We need as many people as possible listening in, so if
you?re interested, please check out the wiki and our mailing list for
more information. As always, don?t hesitate to contact me with

The CubeSats KickSat, SporeSat, TSAT, PhoneSat-v2.5 and ALL-
STAR/THEIA were deployed into a 325?315 km 51.5 degree inclination

All the Sprites operate on a single frequency of 437.240 MHz and use
Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). The transmitter runs 10 mW
output of Minimum Shift Keying (MSK) modulated binary data with each
data bit modulated as a 511 bit Pseudo-Random Number (PRN) sequence.
The ITU emission designator is 50K0G1D.

The KickSat CubeSat has downlinks on 437.505 MHz and 2401-2436.2 MHz.


KickSat mailing list!forum/kicksat-gs

Kicksat Updates

PRN codes for KickSat Sprites released

Preliminary TLE?s are at

Frequencies of the other CubeSats can be found at

CRS-3 Payloads



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