For beginners Hamradio from ISS


Det rapporteras att det har körts SSTV från ISS. Följande ger mycket 
bra information hur man tar emot SSTV från ISS:

The Slow Scan TV (SSTV) experiment on the International Space
Station (ISS) was active on July 2-3, on 145.800 MHz FM

The MAI-75 experiment worked very well producing some stunning images.

All you need to do to receive the SSTV pictures from the space
station is to  connected the audio output of a scanner or amateur
rig via a simple interface to the soundcard on a Windows PC or an
Apple iOS device, and tune in to 145.800 MHz FM. You can even receive
pictures by holding an iPhone next to the radio's loudspeaker.

On Windows PC's the free application MMSSTV can be used to decode
the signal, on Apple iOS devices you can use the SSTV app. The ISS
Fan Club website will show you when the space station is in range.



For more on Slow Scan Television SSTV, see this article SSTV - The

How to be successful with the ISS Slow Scan Television (SSTV)
imaging system

Information on the MAI-75 SSTV experiment

IZ8BLY Vox Recoder, enables you to record the signals from the ISS
on 145.800 MHz while you're away at work

For the latest status of amateur radio activity on the ISS and real
time tracking see

[ANS thanks Trevor M5AKA and Southgate ARN for the above information]


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