Ny version av SatPC32

Nu finns en ny version av SatPC32. Läs nedan!


SatPC32 Version 12.8b Available

AMSAT News Service Bulletin 296.07
October 23, 2011
BID: $ANS-296.07

SatPC32 version 12.8b is available for download at

The main SatPC32 program window now displays more information such as
the date of the Keplerian elements file in use.

Before upgrading your SatPC32 installation, be sure to use the new
program (in the ZIP file) to backup your user configuration.  The
upgrade erases all previous user configurations, but the new program
will restore your configurations after upgrading.

The download is a demo version that requires users to enter their
lat/lon each time the program is started.  To make the program fully
functional, enter your existing registration code or purchase a
registration code from the AMSAT web site:

DK1TB, the author of SatPC32 has donated the software to AMSAT.  All
sales of SatPC32 are used to support AMSAT.

Here are the changes described in the What’s New file:

1. SatPC32, SatPC32ISS, Wisat32 and SuM now support rotor control of the
M2 RC-2800 rotor system.

2. The CAT control functions of SatPC32, SatPC32ISS and Wisat32 have
been expanded. The programs now provide CAT control of the new Icom
transceiver IC-9100.

3. The main windows of SatPC32 and SatPC32ISS have been slightly changed
to make them clearer. With window size W3 the world map can be stretched
(only SatPC32).

4. The accuracy of the rotor positions can now be adjusted for the
particular rotor controller. SatPC32 therefore can output the rotor
positions with 0, 1 or 2 decimals. Corrections of the antenna positions
can automatically be saved. In previous versions that had to be done

5. The tool ‘DataBackup’ has been added. The tool allows users to save
the SatPC32 program data via mouse click and to restore them if
necessary. After the program has been configured for the user’s
equipment the settings should be saved with ‘DataBackup’. If problems
occur later, the program can easily restore the working configuration.

6. The rotor interfaces IF-100, FODTrack, RifPC and KCT require the
kerneldriver IOPort.SYS to be installed. Since it is a 32-bit driver it
will not work on 64-bit Windows systems. On such systems the driver can
cause error messages.To prevent such messages the driver can now
optionally be deactivated.

7. SuM now outputs a DDE string with azimuth and elevation, that can be
evaluated by client programs. Some demo files show how to program and
configure the client.

[ANS thanks Wayne Estes W9AE for the above information]