AubieSat-1 Vandenberg Launch 27 oktober

AubieSat-1 Vandenberg Launch Rescheduled to October 27

AMSAT News Service Bulletin 289.06
October 16, 2011
BID: $ANS-289.06

The launch of Auburn University's AubieSat-1 satellite has been re-
scheduled to October 27, 2011 due to problems found during the system
integration of the primary mission. A hydraulic system leak was detect-
ed and the cause was found to be a small crack in a hydraulic tube. 
A replacement tube was manufactured, installed, and retested. Also, a 
flexible fabric collar connecting two engine system exhaust ducts was 
found to be damaged following pressurized leak testing. The damaged 
fabric collar is being removed and replaced.

AubieSat-1 is designed to transmit with a power of about 800 milli-
watts on a frequency of 437.475 MHz, plus or minus Doppler correction.
The beacon signal, along with telemetry, will be sent using A1A con-
tinuous wave Morse code at 20 words per minute. Additional telemetry 
from the on board science experiment will use CW transmissions up to 
60 WPM.

An internet Echolink conference group is also planned to begin one-half
hour prior to launch and continue until about 30 minutes after confir-
mation of the first receipt of signals from the satellite. Information
on the conference groups title will be distributed nearer to the launch
for interested stations.

Long-time AMSAT Member John Klingelhoeffer, WB4LNM serves as the Tech-
nical Advisor in Auburn University's Student Space Program.

[ANS thanks Dominic Hildebrandt at Auburn University for the
  above information].