SDR-Radio stödjer nu FUNCube USB Dongle

Radiomjukvaran SDR-Radio stödjer nu även USB-radio FUNCube Dongle med bla. trackingmöjligheter för satelliter. Hela nyheten här:

BID: $ANS-247.05

AMSAT-UK’s FUNcube is an educational single cubesat project with the
goal of enthusing and educating young people about radio, space, phy-
sics and electronics. FUNcube will carry a UHF to VHF linear transpon-
der that will have up to 1 watt and which can be used by Radio Ama-
teurs worldwide for SSB and CW communications. Measuring just
10 x 10 x 10 cm, and with a mass of less than 1kg, it will be the
smallest ever satellite to carry a linear transponder

It will support the educational Science, Technology, Engineering and
Math (STEM) initiatives and provide an additional resource for the
GB4FUN Mobile Communications Centre.

The target audience consists of primary and secondary school pupils
and FUNcube will feature a 145 MHz telemetry beacon that will provide
a strong signal for the pupils to receive.

A simple SDR receiver board (FUNcube Dongle) has been developed to
support this mission by providing a simple radio interface to the
classroom. The FUNcube Dongle connects to the USB port of a laptop
to display telemetry and messages in an interesting way for students.

But, even before FUNcube has been launched amateur satellite operators
have discovered that the 64 MHz to 1,700 MHz coverage of this Software
Defined Radio receiver can be used for most amateur, along with some
weather and commercial satellite reception.

This week, Simon Brown, GD4ELI/HB9DRV, announced he has enhanced his
popular SDR-RADIO software to provide support for the AMSAT-UK FUNcube
dongle software defined radio. The software has been up-
graded to provide full support for the FUNcube dongle including satel-
lite tracking, Doppler compensation and data for external rotator
software via DDE. This free software can be downloaded from

For more information on the FUNcube project please visit:

For the latest news on the FUNcube SDR dongle visit:

You can join the FUNcube Yahoo Group at:

[ANS thanks AMSAT-UK, Southgate ARC News, and Simon Brown for the
above information]