SAFIR – ny satellit kommer upp 20 december

En tysk forskningssatellit med amatrradio ombord r planerad fr uppskjutning den 20 december. Jag klipper frn ANS:

AMSAT received a message this week from Oliver Amend DG6BCE and the German Amateur Radio Association announcing the planned launch of an amateur radio payload SAFIR-M aboard a German scientific satellite named RUBIN-2 . The launch is scheduled for 20th of December 2002 from Baikonour into an 650 km orbit with 65 degree inclination.

SAFIR-M is a project of a group called Arbeitskreis Amateurfunk und Telekommunikation in der Schule, or AATiS e.V. Its english translation means Working Group for Amateur Radio and Telecommunications in Schools.

SAFIR-M was developed in close cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Pforzheim, Germany under the leadership of Henning Rech DF9IC and his team. The main purpose of the satellite is to give students easy access to space communications. It will have a downlink
at 145.825 MHz with AX.25, 9k6 packet as well as an optional voice message beacon. The uplink is at 435.275 MHz (AX.25, 1k2), offering Mode B operation. The callsign will be DP0AIS.

SAFIR-M is designed as a store and broadcast system for APRS based messages, dedicated for the use of schools in combination with the existing WX-Net and planned buoy experiments in Germany. It extends German space educational activities to an European and global base.

Details on SAFIR-M can be found on
Information about AATiS e.V. is available under
The AFIR-M homepage is still in German, but work is underway to add the nformation in English.

[ANS thanks Oliver DG6BCE ( for the above information.]

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