Pressrelease från AMSAT-DL om P3E

Fljande info har inkommit frn AMSAT-DL angende det nya satellitprojektet P3E:

First AMSAT Phase 3-E Design/Experimenters Meeting

Peter Glzow, DB2OS; Frank Sperber, DL6DBN
Translated by Georges Mathgen, LX1BB

In October 2002, more than 30 experts from ten countries met in working groups at AMSAT-DL in Marburg, Germany. In the end, the first design criteria for the next project, AMSAT-Phase 3-E (P3-E), were settled. The amateur radio communication satellite should be in the 150-kg-class, very similar to its predecessors AO-10 (P3-B) and AO-13 (P3-C). The goals are to provide analogous and digital radio communication, essentially between 145 MHz and 2400 MHz. Experimental modes for wavelengths in the cm and mm range were also proposed. Read more about the outcome of the meetings in the report by AMSAT-DL-President Peter Guelzow, DB2OS, attached as PDF-file.

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