Senaste info 28 aug

Senaste info frn Oscar 40-teamet:

Because of the increasing ALON, it is now necessary to take pictures for attitude determination at the end of one orbit, and download them after apogee on the next orbit. This requires the IHU-2 to be left on through two passes of the radiation belts. Since EDAC is not currently active on the IHU-2, there is an excellent chance that it will crash about every second or third time this is done. A crash of the IHU-2 takes only a few minutes to correct, but until it is corrected the result will be an unmodulated tone on the middle beacon. If you should encounter this, be aware that the IHU-1 is running properly in the background and the command team will restore the beacon ASAP. The photos are not lost when the IHU-2 crashes, as long as the unit is not powered off.
The eclipses are continuing to lengthen and move later in the orbit. The timing of the beacon off interval will need frequent adjustment over the next several weeks. The interval will shortly be moved to MA 40 to 90.

–W4SM for the AO-40 Command Team