WOD uppdaterat

Stacy W4SM meddelar att det har skett en liten ndring av hur Whole Orbit Data (WOD) presenteras:

The K/L/M/N blocks may be used as text messages or as WOD blocks. At the moment K/L are used for WOD s and M/N are for text. This limits our ability to collect more than two WOD s without giving up the text messages. The WOD software can handle up to 4 WOD blocks simultaneously.

Accordingly, the flight software has been modified slightly to store two additional WOD blocks in separate memory which is not normally placed in the telemetry stream. When a command station sends the appropriate command, these two extra WOD s are sent one time only as M/N WOD blocks.

Therefore, occasionally you will see WOD-type M/N blocks in the telemetry stream when AO-40 is being commanded.



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