SaudiSat 1-A öppen för trafik

Nu r SaudiSat (SO-41) ppen fr amatrradio-trafik. Fljande kommer frn ANS:

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AMSAT-NA News Service (ANS) has received word via AMSAT-NA President Robin Haighton, VE3FRH, that SaudiSat 1A is now open for Amateur Radio communications.

In a letter to VE3FRH, Turki Al-Saud announced the following:

Please announce the availability of SaudiSat 1-A (SO-41) to AMSAT members and to follow Amateur Radio operators in your region. Saudi OSCAR-41 has been configured for operation in the amateur service. The spacecraft will automatically enable its UHF transmitter over Saudi Arabia and the United States for approximately 20-minutes each pass.

The spacecraft is operating in Mode-J, centered on a VHF uplink and UHF downlink of 145.850/436.775 MHz, currently configured as an analog FM voice repeater. The spacecraft will operate in this mode intermittently, as power and spacecraft experiments permit.

SO-41 s downlink RF power is 1-watt over both regions with left-hand circular polarization. The uplink antenna (located on top of the spacecraft) is linear in polarization.

SaudiSat 1-B is not available at this time as experiments and software development continues with 1-B.

[ANS thanks Turki Al-Saud and AMSAT-NA President Robin Haighton, VE3FRH for this information]

Och den r ven krd frn Europa:

Heard SO-41 11-apr-2002 from Eindhoven Holland at 13:35 UTC last part from this pass OH5LK Jussi calling cq on SO-41 I was onable to get in with 50 watt on the groundplane TMV-7E downlink porto ft-470 with double quad Handheld signal little better then AO-27.

Christ de pe5yes JO21sk

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