COMPASS-1 CubeSat in Emergency Mode

Från ANS kommer följande info:

COMPASS-1 CubeSat in Emergency Mode – Telemetry Reports Needed

Since Sunday, the COMPASS-1 CubeSat has been in emergency mode. The battery voltage is very low and the satellite is rebooting every pass. The CW beacon is on in sunlight – but it only transmits on
8 minute intervals.

A hard-reset of the satellite has occurred, which brought the satel- lite back into a vicious circle: Once the heater is being switched on, the battery power drops drastically, which causes another hard-reset.
This goes on and on. The only chance to recover the satellite is to avoid the activation of the heater. This can be done by adjusting threshold values.

The COMPASS team needs as much telemetry as possible.  Amateur radio stations around the world are asked to listen to the COMPASS down- link on 437.275 MHz.  Any reports will be appreciated. You can find a simple CW telemetry decoder at:

MP3 or WAV files would also provide useful information.

Please send your reports to

The latest Keplerian tracking data is:

1 32787U 08021E   08226.19180743  .00000095  00000-0  19031-4 0  1184
2 32787 097.9841 285.9110 0015365 316.5637 043.4362 14.81444724 15843

[ANS thanks Mike, DK3WN for the above information]